Website creation

Learn how to create your own website (personal, professional, showcase, e-commerce, blog, ...) and maintain its quality and security autonomously.

FREE Marketing

Create and maintain a Web community that is active and loyal to your brand by managing your walls and groups on various social networks or by offering free contents of value.

google SEO

Optimise your various websites to be referenced in the first results on Google and ensure more visitors.

Other marketing

Enlarge your notoriety or earn qualified prospects by learning how to use targeted advertising campaigns and social network partnerships.

Chose what is best for you !

All our courses are available for individuals or groups up to 8. The length of the courses depend on your needs.

Website creation

  • Learning the basics
  • Making changes to a website
  • Adding various fucntions
  • Respecting legal standards
  • Maintaining security and the good quality of the website


  • Understanding SEO
  • Establishing a SEO strategy
  • Adapting the contents of a website to the Google robot
  • Using monitoring and analysis applications

Free Marketing

  • Discovering various social networks
  • Discovering various free marketing mediums
  • Understanding the effect of influence
  • Learning about various contents of quality
  • Developing an audience's loyalty
  • Analysing results and adapting to them

Other Marketing

  • Discovering various social networks
  • Analysing qualified advertisements
  • Learn how to target prospects
  • Create a selling advertising campaign
  • Analysing results and develop what you can offer